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Card Games
Magic the Gathering

XLN Store Championship 12/30/17

IX Magic Open House 1/6/2018

RIX Prerelease 1/13/2018

RIX Draft Weekend 1/20/2018

RIX Magic League 1/22—2/19/2018 ( on days we are open)

RIX Friday Night Magic Season 1/19, 2018–April 20, 2018 (Fridays)

RIX Standard Showdown  1/27–March 31, 2018 (Saturdays)

RIX Store Championship 4/7/2018


FNM on most Fridays.  Call for info and seat availability.  Starts @ 4:00pm

Open Play on most Saturdays. Bring your favorite decks.

Cardfight!! Vanguard 

Official Vanguard Shop Tournaments on Thursdays @ 6:00pm.

Contact Steve Marshall for more details at 


Looks like our regular D&D group headed off to college.  If you and your friends wanna play, stop on by and we'll set something up.


Miniature Games


We have open play on Saturdays and organized play when new OP kits come out.  Contact Will Duncan for the latest updates, either here at the store, Facebook, or his phone...


As always, call first to double check times and dates.  708-489-1454. 2361 Vermont, Blue Island, IL 60406.