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Web of Evil #12 © March 1954 Quality Comics

Web of Evil #12 © March 1954 Quality Comics

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Quality Comics ©  March 1954, Web of Evil #12. The story is "The Walking Dead".   Show promoter Carl Lamont travels to an island in the Caribbean to capture the  fabled giant zombie of Zaku, none other than Zog, king zombie. Lamont succeeds  in luring Zog into a trap, hauling him to the US and putting him on display in  his circus show. But a group of loyal zombies follows him, spreads terror on the  mainland and manages to free Zog from his cage.

Works by:  Inks:  Chuck Cuidera 

This book  appears (fr 16), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear  and tear, extra staples, cover not attached. the book is rough, beat but  complete.  Thanks for looking.      0802-1708-16

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