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Omega Men #03 © June 1983 DC Comics

Omega Men #03 © June 1983 DC Comics

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DC Comics  © June 1983, The Omega Men #3.  The title: Assault on Euphorix!

Story:  When Kalista  is tricked into believing that the Citadel has invaded her homeworld of Euphorix,  she takes a group of Omega Men to try to stop them. When they arrive, they are  boarded by two bounty hunters, Lobo and Bedlam, and Kalista is captured.

Starring:  Omega Men  [Demonia; Kalista; Shlagen; Harpis; Primus; Tigorr; Jerstal; Humbeck (Death);  Plock]; Lt. Foreman; Harry Hokum; Citadel Soldiers; Grafflings; Berserk (Robot);  Lobo (Intro); Bedlam; Greeshagurt

Works by;  Script:  Roger Slifer   Pencils: Keith Giffen  Inks: Mike DeCarlo

This book appears (98 nm),  well nothing is mint, I just see two little tics.  Thanks for looking.      0591-1703-64


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