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The X-Men #103 (Feb 1977, Marvel)

The X-Men #103 (Feb 1977, Marvel)

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Marvel  Comics ©  February 1977,  The X-Men #103.  Title: The Fall of the Tower

Story: The X-Men are  assisted in their fight against Black Tom and Juggernaut by Leprechauns ?!?

With appearances by X-Men  [Professor X (Nightcrawler only); Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Banshee;  Nightcrawler]; GUESTS: Leprechauns of Cassidy Keep; VILLAINS: Black Tom;  Juggernaut; CAMEOS: Eric the Red; Magneto; D'Ken

Works by Script: Chris Claremont   Pencils: Dave Cockrum   Inks: Sam  Grainger

This book appears (f 63), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear & tears.  Thanks for looking.     5755-1703-63

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