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Fantastic Four Annual #01 © September 1963, Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four Annual #01 © September 1963, Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © September 1963, Fantastic Four Annual #1.  The story is "Sub-Mariner Versus the Human Race!".  The Sub-Mariner locates the remnants of his undersea race and plans a new attack against the surface world.  

Characters: Fantastic Four [Mister Fantastic [Reed Richards]; Invisible Girl [Sue Storm];  Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Thing [Ben Grimm]]; Sub-Mariner [Namor] (origin  recap); Dorma (introduction); Krang (introduction); Adlai Stevenson; Nikita Krushchev; Leonard McKenzie; Fen; Dr. Falton

Works by:  Script: Stan Lee    Pencils: Jack Kirby    Inks: Dick Ayers  

This book appears (fr/g 15), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear & tear. There's a tear across Namor and the bottom right corner is missing.  Thanks for looking.     8342-1904-83

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