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Brave and the Bold #056 © October-November 1964 DC Comics

Brave and the Bold #056 © October-November 1964 DC Comics

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DC Comics © October-November 1964, The Brave and the Bold #56, The Flash; The Manhunter from Mars.

The story is  Raid of the Mutant Marauders.  The ruler of Argon tries to create her own mutant super-hero, only to have it go bad and attack the Earth.

Featuring Flash [Barry Allen]; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; Iris West; Hawkgirl [Shiera Hall; Shayera]; Carter Hall [Hawkman; Katar Hol] (cameo); Queen Tatania (first appearance); Kholus (first appearance)

With works by Script: Bob Haney     Pencils: Bernard Baily     Inks: Bernard Baily

The book appears as a (F 61), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.  Thanks for looking.     0023-1605-61

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