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ADVENTURE COMICS #321 © 1964 DC Comics

ADVENTURE COMICS #321 © 1964 DC Comics

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DC Comics  © June 1964, ADVENTURE COMICS #321.  The story is The Code of the Legion.  The Legionnaires submit to tests of their ability to keep secret their greatest weapon from Commissioner Wilson. But Lightning Lad purposely fails his test to expose Commissioner Wilson as the Time Trapper.

Starring Legion of Super-Heroes [Sun Boy; Mon-El; Superboy; Shrinking Violet; Star Boy; Phantom Girl; Saturn Girl; Bouncing Boy; Element Lad; Ultra Boy; Chameleon Boy; Triplicate Girl; Brainiac 5; Matter-Eater Lad; Colossal Boy; Invisible Kid; Element Lad; Lightning Lad]; Time Trapper [also as Commissioner Wilson]

With works by; Scripts; Edmond Hamilton, Pencils; Curt Swan, John Forte, Inks; George Klein, Sheldon Moldoff.



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