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Journey into Mystery #112 © 1965 Marvel comics

Journey into Mystery #112 © 1965 Marvel comics

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Marvel Comics © January 1965, Journey into Mystery #112.  

The story is The Mighty Thunder God! Vs. the Incredible Hulk.  

With appearances by Thor [Don Blake]; Avengers [Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Giant-Man [Henry Pym]; Wasp] (flashback); Sub-Mariner [Namor] (flashback); Odin; Hulk [Bruce Banner]

With works by Script:Stan Lee, Pencils:Jack Kirby, Inks:Chic Stone

This book appears to be fine, but it might be trimmed, so grade it a (g/vg 26), w/ the usual nics, tics, wear and tear, and a small piece missing near "112".  Thanks for looking.     0005-1204-26

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