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SUPERMAN #149 © November 1961 DC Comics

SUPERMAN #149 © November 1961 DC Comics

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DC Comics © Nov 1961, SUPERMAN #149.  The stories are The Death of Superman!, .  Featuring appearances by Superman [Clark Kent]; Justice League of America [Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Aquaman [Arthur Curry]; Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Wonder Woman; Flash [Barry Allen]] (cameo, first appearance in SUPERMAN); Legion of Super-Heroes [Lightning Lad; Cosmic Boy; Saturn Girl] (cameo); Perry White; Jimmy Olsen; Lois Lane; Lex Luthor (villain); Lucy Lane; Robin (cameo); Lori Lemaris (cameo); Krypto (cameo); Supergirl (guest star); Superman robots; Fortress of Solitude; Kandor; Van-Zee (cameo); Sylvia (cameo); Phantom Zone; Lana Lang (cameo).  Works by Curt Swan, Jerry Siegel, Sheldon Moldoff.  This book appears (G 24), w/ the usual nics, tics, and corner wear.  water damage. great reader copy  Thanks for looking.     0030-9202-24

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