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SUPERMAN #185 © April 1966 DC Comics

SUPERMAN #185 © April 1966 DC Comics

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DC Comics © April 1966, SUPERMAN #185.  The stories are Superman's Achilles' Heel!, Target Superman!.  Featuring appearances by Superman; Gat Gronn (intro, villain); Achilles (origin, flashback); Ajax (flashback); red kryptonite; Jimmy Olsen; Lois Lane, Jose Rivera (intro); Dolores Rivera (intro); Superman robots; Fortress of Solitude; Kandor; Perry White; Lana Lang.  Works by Curt Swan, Pete Costanza, Jim Mooney.  This book appears (VG/F 55), w/ the usual nics, tics, and corner wear.  Thanks for looking.     5490-8604-55

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