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SUPERMAN #204 © February 1968 DC Comics

SUPERMAN #204 © February 1968 DC Comics

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DC Comics © Feb 1968, SUPERMAN #204.  The stories are Why Do These Initials Mean Death for the Man of Steel?, The Case of the Lethal Letters!, The Duplicate Superman!, The Fortress of Fear!.  Featuring appearances by Superman; Lorraine Lewis (villain, death); Lorraine Delon; Clark Kent; Lana Lang; Lori Lemaris; Lois Lane; Bal-Gra (flashback, a Phantom Zone villain); gold kryptonite (flashback), green kryptonite, Gnor-Ax; Kandor; Fortress of Solitude.  With works by Neal Adams, Al Plastino, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito.  This book appears (F 61), w/ the usual nics, tics, and corner wear.  Thanks for looking.     8990-8804-61

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