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Tales to Astonish #068 © June 1965 Marvel

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Marvel Comics © June 1965, Tales to Astonish #68.  

Peril From the Long-Dead Past!  Realizing that the strain of growing and shrinking so much is doing damage to his body, Hank adjusts his helmet so he can only grow to one size--the 35 foot height of Giant-Man; With the Ant-Man side of his abilities out of his bag of tricks, he adjusts Jan's helmet so she can cybernetically communicate with wasps; Oh, and the Human Top attacks too.

Starring  Giant-Man [Henry Pym]; Wasp [Janet van Dyne]; Human Top [Dave Cannon]

Back from the Dead!  Saving Talbot and himself from plunging to their deaths, the Hulk decides he is tired of world travel and leaps home; Waking up in gamma base, Bruce is once again jailed as a traitor and the president once again sets him free (Rick told the commander in chief the secret of the Hulk a few issues ago); Banner and Talbot are once again sent to Astra Island to continue a test of the absorbatron but the leader sends an army of Humanoids who finally succeed in capturing the Hulk.

Starring  Hulk [Bruce Banner]; GUESTS: Thunderbolt Ross; Glenn Talbot; Betty Ross; Rick Jones; VILLAINS: Leader [Samuel Sterns]; Humanoids; CAMEO: Lyndon Johnson

Works by Script:  Stan Lee     Pencils:  Jack Kirby; Bob Powell     Inks:  Vince Colletta, Mike Esposito [as Mickey Demeo]


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