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Dungeon Master's Adventure Log (1st Printing, Wizard Logo) © 1980 TSR9036

Dungeon Master's Adventure Log (1st Printing, Wizard Logo) © 1980 TSR9036

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Here's the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Adventure Log, the second playing aid designed specifically for the DM of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons! No longer need the DM rely on memory and sketchy notes to keep track of one's players in the midst of play. Now all the information needed about the adventurers and their exploits can be kept handy in front of the DM at all times.

The Dungeon Masters Adventure Log contains two different sheets (shown on the back cover). The first type is for recording information about the adventurers, their hit points, armor class, magic items and die roll adjustments. The second provides information on the marching order of the party, the monsters they encounter, treasures they recover, and any unusual events that occur. In addition, this book contains many important tables in an easy reference form, including tables for experience point awards, encounter reactions, movement, surprise, listening, and a new table of collected combat modifiers.

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