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Beyond the Prism Pentad

Beyond the Prism Pentad

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The relentless passage of time sweeps across the burning plains, and the world beneath the crimson sun changes in its wake...
The Dragon of Tyr is gone, his evil scattered on the scalding winds. Torrential rains fall over the Sea of Silt, spinning off deadly storms that can strike anywhere in the Tablelands with only a moment's notice. Violent upheaval rocks the city-states of Raam, Draj, and Balic after the deaths of their sorceror-kings. A new age has dawned on Athas, but will it be an age of restoration - or of destruction?

Beyond the Prism Pentad summarizes the key events from the Prism Pentad novel series and role-playing game products and updates all DARK SUN campaigns in anticipation of the revised campaign setting.

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