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Basic Set (red box)

Basic Set (red box)

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"Your first step on the road to Adventure!"

This is a game that helps you imagine.

"As you whirl around, your sword ready, the huge red fire-breating dragon swoops TOWARDS you with a ROAR!"

See? You imagination woke up already. Now imagine: this game will probably be more FUN than any other game you've ever played!

The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game is a way for us to imagine together - sort of like reading the same book, or dreaming the same dream. But it's a book that YOU can write, without putting a word on paper - just by playing the D&D game.

This New Popular Edition has been completely revised to include ONE-PLAYER GAMES as well as group games for Players and Dungeon Masters. YOU can start playing RIGHT AWAY!

This box contains all you need to start having FUN:

Programmed adventures for easy learning and HOURS of FUN

The PLAYER'S GUIDE for beginning characters - with simple and expert combat rules, magic spells, and role playing tips

The DUNGEON MASTER'S HANDBOOK - full of treasures, monsters, and dungeons

All the Dice you need - Six different kinds included, with marker crayon

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