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What If ...? #049 [Direct] © May 1993, Marvel Comics

What If ...? #049 [Direct] © May 1993, Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © May 1993, What If...? #49 [Direct].  The story "What If the Silver Surfer Possessed The Infinity Gauntlet?"  Surfer gets the Infinity Gauntlet and is corrupted.

Characters: Silver Surfer; Watcher; Thanos; Adam Warlock; Doctor Strange; Captain America; Mephisto; Shalla-Bal

Script: Ron Marz     Pencils: Scott Clark; Kevin West    Inks: Pam Eklund

This book appears (nm 98) w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear. I only count one tic, but nothing's perfect.  Thanks for looking.     0560-0305-00

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