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ACTION COMICS #297 © 1963 DC Comics

ACTION COMICS #297 © 1963 DC Comics

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Marvel Comics © Feb 1963, ACTION COMICS #297. The stories are The Man Who Discovered Superman's Identity!, The Forbidden Weapons of Krypton!.  Featuring appearances by Superman; Lois Lane; Jimmy Olsen; Perry White; Dirk Denver (villain); Superman Robots; Gentleman Jerry; Criminal Bureau Of Information; Steve Bevan (Actor); Chuck Darren (F.B.I. Agent); Rand Sterling (Science-Fiction Writer), Supergirl; Lena Thorul; Phantom Zone; Fred Danvers; Edna Danvers; Fortress of Solitude; Kandor; Lesla-Lar; General Zod; Jax-Ur; Kru-El; Mon-El; Lori Lemaris.  With works by Curt Swan, George Klein, Leo Dorfman, Jim Mooney.  This book appears (F 61), w/ the usual nics, tics and corner wear.  Not a bad looking book.  Thanks for looking.     8112-1104-61

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