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Love Diary #25 © February 1952, Orbit-Wanted

Love Diary #25 © February 1952, Orbit-Wanted

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Orbit-Wanted © February  1952, Love Diary #25.  The story is "I Was a Party Girl".  Barbara moves to the city where her best friend Kay is a model. Barbara and Scott fall in love, but he has to leave town for 3 months. Barbara discovers Kay is a party girl, paid to entertain visiting businessmen, but she is compelled to take a job with the same agency so she can wait for Scott. Barbara at first insists on doing legit modeling only, but finally gives in and becomes an expert at bilking clients. Scott returns and breaks up with her because of her new profession. Barbara goes to work as a store clerk and lives a decent life. A  remorseful Kay reunites Scott and Barbara.

Characters:  Barbara Dickson; Kay Burnett; Mr. Dickson; Mrs. Dickson;  Danny; Scott; Begley; Jack; George; Jimmy; Peggy

With works by:  Script:      Pencils: Mort Leav     Inks: Bob Rogers

This book appears in (vg 39) with the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.   Thanks for looking.     shela-1906-39 

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