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Tales to Astonish #069 © July 1965 Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish #069 © July 1965 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © July 1965, Tales to Astonish #69.  

"Oh, Wasp, Where Is Thy Sting?"  Giant-Man mounts a rescue to save the Wasp from the Human Top but to do so, he has to risk the damage to his body of shrinking once more into Ant-Man size. (Last Giant-Man)

Starring  Giant-Man [Henry Pym]; Wasp [Janet van Dyne]; Human Top [Dave Cannon]

"Trapped in the Lair of the Leader!"  The Leader makes off with the Hulk and the absorbatron but the jade giant ends up destroying the machine to keep it out of the Leader's hands; Convinced that Banner is still a traitor and despite his orders, Talbot authorizes his men to use deadly force and Bruce is killed by a bullet through the head.

Starring  Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Thunderbolt Ross; Glenn Talbot; Rick Jones; Leader [Samuel Sterns]; Humanoids

Works by Scritp:  Stan Lee, Al Hartley     Pencils:  Jack Kirby; Bob Powell     Inks:  Mike Esposito, John Giunta

This book appears (vg 43), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear & tear. Thanks for looking.     0621-1012-63

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