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All-Star Comics #28 © April 1946 DC comics

All-Star Comics #28 © April 1946 DC comics

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DC Comics © April-May 1946, All-Star Comics #28.

The Paintings That Walked the Earth!  10,000 years in the future, in the city of Nu Yuk, in a land known as Amerika, hands reach for several strangely wrought jars that carry a warning from the Justice Society NOT to open them. A parchment is attached, which is read and gives the story behind the warning and the strange jars. It seems that Nels Farrow, member of an archaeological expedition, had discovered the jars, and picking one up, saw a kindly faced visage on the bottom of one. That evening, he took out a canvas and opened the jars to paint in response to that face.....and he ended up painting the picture of that face on canvas. Suddenly, it spoke to him, and told him that he had discovered a secret of ancient Atlantis and to be very careful what he painted with them. The face said that, at night, under the light of the full moon, the paints came to life and acted accordingly with what was painted....for good or for evil! Farrow says that the paints could serve humanity, but he'd rather have them serve him, as he had several enemies, five fellow graduates from college, who were all successful....except him. So, Farrow decides to paint pictures for each of his classmates with scenes depicting their interests....all with evil intentions, then mail them to them. Some months later, the Chief of Police tells the Justice Society that a man is laying near death in the hospital and needs to see them help prevent six murders! The JSA went to the hospital and met with Nels Farrow, and he told them the story about discovering the paint jars and the story behind them, stealing them from the expedition he was on, painting the six pictures, mailing them out and then getting hit by a car after leaving the post office. He tells them the pictures should arrive any moment now and that only they could save the people they were sent to. He advises them that the paint creatures must be a part of the picture during the day, and he gives his keys to the Flash, telling him that the paint jars are in this garret, and the JSA must secure the jars somewhere where fools like him with never get their hands on them again. Deciding where to go and who to help, from the information provided by Farrow, the JSA members head out on an assignment that will prove to be chilling to say the least.

With appearances by Justice Society of America [Atom [Al Pratt]; Wonder Woman (cameo, splash page only); Johnny Thunder; Dr. Mid-Nite; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]]; Nels Farrow.

Works by Script: Gardner Fox     Pencils: Martin Naydel, Joe Kubert, Jon Chester Kozlak, Stan Aschmeier, Joe Gallagher     Inks: Martin Naydel, Joe Kubert, Jon Chester Kozlak, Stan Aschmeier, Joe Gallagher

This book appears (g 30), rough condition, nice reader copy, w/ the expected nics, tics, wear & tear, rounded corners, tape on the spine.  Thanks for looking.     411c-1304-30

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