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Adventure Comics #116 © May 1947

Adventure Comics #116 © May 1947

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DC Comics © May 1947, Adventure Comics #116. 

The story is " Superboy, Toy-Tester".  Clark and the rest of his classmates are buying presents for their teacher, Miss Berry. However, Clark loses his money......but when he overhears a conversation between a toy store buyer and seller, Superboy steps in to solve their squabble, and, in turn, earns money so that Clark can buy his present.

Characters: Superboy [Clark Kent]; Miss Berry (school teacher); Tommy; Mr. Moore (toy store owner); Mr. Manton (toy buyer); Mr. Drago (villain, toy store owner)

With works by:  Script: Don Cameron     Pencils: John Sikela      Inks: George Roussos    

The book appears rough condition (fr/g 14), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear, cover not attached, trimmed.  Still a good place holder till you find another.  Thanks for looking.     0072-1606-14

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