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ADVENTURE COMICS #328 © 1965 DC Comics

ADVENTURE COMICS #328 © 1965 DC Comics

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DC Comics  © Jan 1965, ADVENTURE COMICS #328.  The story is The Lad Who Wrecked the Legion.  Command Kid joins the Legion, but his arrogance puts off some of the Legionnaires. Star Boy, however, asks Command Kid to help him become as powerful as he is. More Legionnaires submit to Command Kid's treatment, but Saturn Girl and Element Lad return with the solution to the mystery of Command Kid just in time.

Starring Legion of Super-Heroes [Triplicate Girl; Sun Boy; Superboy; Cosmic Boy; Triplicate Girl; Invisible Kid; Star Boy; Shrinking Violet; Mon-El; Ultra Boy; Lightning Lad; Phantom Girl; Saturn Girl; Element Lad]; Command Kid; Bouncing Boy

With works by; Scripts; Jerry Siegel, Pencils; Curt Swan, Jim Mooney, Inks; George Klein, Jim Mooney.



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