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ADVENTURE COMICS #354 © 1967 DC Comics

ADVENTURE COMICS #354 © 1967 DC Comics

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DC Comics © March 1967, ADVENTURE COMICS #354.  The story is The Adult Legion.  Superman is summoned to help the adult Legion investigate acts of sabotage. The Legion discovers the saboteur is Ferro Lad's twin brother, but he has been under the mind control of the Legion of Super-Villains.

Starring Legion of Super-Heroes [Saturn Woman; Brainiac 5; Timber Wolf; Lightning Man; Cosmic Man; Element Man; Polar Man]; Superman; Power Boy (statue); Ferro Lad (statue) [also as Andrew Nolan]; Shadow Woman (statue); Douglas Nolan; Light Lady; Night Woman; Chemical King (statue); Reflecto (statue); Shrinking Violet (statue); Duplicate Man (statue); Ultra Man; Phantom Woman; Ronn Nah; Arna Nah; Mon-El; Brin Londo; Bran Londo; Loni Londo; Tenzil Kem; Gim Allon; Thom Kallor; Nura Kallor; Chuck Taine; Luornu Taine; Legion of Super-Villains [Saturn Queen; Lightning Lord; Cosmic King]

With works by; Scripts; Jim Shooter, Pencils; Curt Swan,  Inks; George Klein.


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