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ADVENTURE COMICS #357 © 1967 DC Comics

ADVENTURE COMICS #357 © 1967 DC Comics

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DC Comics © June 1967, ADVENTURE COMICS #357.  The story is The Ghost of Ferro Lad.  The Legion appears to be haunted by the ghost of Ferro Lad.

Starring Legion of Super-Heroes [Superboy; Sun Boy; Princess Projectra; Saturn Girl; Brainiac 5; Cosmic Boy; Mon-El (cameo); Duo Damsel (cameo); Ultra Boy (cameo); Phantom Girl (cameo); Lightning Lad (cameo); Light Lass] (cameo); Ferro Lad (ghost; also in flashback)]; Pol Krinn; Ewa Krinn; Hu Krinn; Controller

With works by; Scripts; Jim Shooter, Pencils; Curt Swan,  Inks; George Klein.


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