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ADVENTURE COMICS #364 © 1968 DC Comics

ADVENTURE COMICS #364 © 1968 DC Comics

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DC Comics © Jan 1968, ADVENTURE COMICS #364.  The story is The Revolt of the Super-Pets.  The Super-Pets depart for a world which they think appreciates them, but it turns out to be a gang of criminals.

Starring Superboy; Saturn Girl; Sun Boy; Star Boy; Chameleon Boy; Brainiac 5; Phantom Girl; Colossal Boy; Shrinking Violet; Ultra Boy; Invisible Kid; Lightning Lad; Light Lass; Supergirl (all as the Legion of Super-Heroes); Beppo (origin); Streaky (origin); Comet (origin); Krypto (origin); Proty II (origin) (all as the Legion of Super-Pets); Circe (flashback); Jor-El (flashback); X-kryptonite (flashback); Rikkor Rost (villain)

With works by; Scripts; Jim Shooter, Pencils; Curt Swan, Pete Costanza,  Inks; George Klein, Pete Costanza.


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