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ADVENTURE COMICS #366 © 1968 DC Comics

ADVENTURE COMICS #366 © 1968 DC Comics

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DC Comics © March 1968, ADVENTURE COMICS #366.  The story is Battle for the Championship of the Universe.  The Legion discovers that the Fatal Five were behind the belligerence of Talok VIII, while the Fatal Five head to Earth and its Universal Weapons Control Panel. But the Fatal Five discover they need a third key held at Legion Headquarters to operate the weapon. By the time they get there it is being defended by the returned Legionnaires. The Legionnaires fight the Fatal Five long enough for the U.P. Forces to come to their rescue and force the Five to flee.

Starring Legion of Super-Heroes [Shadow Lass (intro); Brainiac 5; Karate Kid; Superboy; Cosmic Boy]; Fatal Five [Mano; Tharok; Emerald Empress; Persuader; Validus]

With works by; Scripts; Jim Shooter, Pencils; Curt Swan, Neal Adams,  Inks; George Klein, Neal Adams.



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