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The Avengers #083 © December 1970 Marvel Comics

The Avengers #083 © December 1970 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © December 1970, Avengers #83.

The story is "All Right, Girls -- That Finishes Off These Male Chauvinist Pigs!"  Valkyrie shows up at Avengers HQ and convinces Wasp and the Scarlet Witch to join her team of Lady Liberators; With the male members of the Avengers attending Tom Fagan's Halloween parade, the Masters of Evil attack and pummel our heroes; The Lady Liberators show up to save the day and do what their male chauvinist pig counterparts failed to do as they make quick work of the villans; Valkyrie is revealed to be the Enchantress, however, and the lady heroes are forced to defeat their former leader; The gender war rages on.

Characters:  Lady Liberators [Black Widow; Wasp; Medusa; Enchantress [Amora, posing as the Valkyrie]; Scarlet Witch]; Avengers [Black Panther; Goliath [Clint Barton]; Quicksilver; Vision]; Masters of Evil [Klaw; The Melter; The Radioactive Man; Whirlwind]; Tom Fagan (dressed as Nighthawk); Roy Thomas; Jean Thomas; Executioner (flashback); Yellow Jacket (flashback)

Works by:  Script: Roy Thomas     Pencils: John Buscema     Inks: Tom Palmer

This book appears (vf 79), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.  Thanks for looking.     0062-1601-79

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