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Daredevil #039 © April 1968 Marvel Comics

Daredevil #039 © April 1968 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © April 1968, DAREDEVIL #39.  The story is "The Exterminator  and the Super-Powered Unholy Three".  DD tangles with the Unholy Three, little realizing that their new boss, the Exterminator, has developed a time  displacement gun. Crashing a Nelson and Murdock double-date, the Three zap Debbie into oblivion for betraying their former boss, the Organizer.

Characters:   Daredevil [Matt Murdock]; GUESTS: Foggy Nelson; Karen Page; Debbie Harris;  VILLAINS: Exterminator [Philip Wallace Sterling] (introduction); Unholy Three  [Cat Man [Townshend Horgan]; Ape Man [Monk Keefer]; Bird Man [Henry Hawk]]

Works by: Script Stan Lee     Pencils Gene Colan     Inks George Tuska

This book appears (f 62), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.  Thanks for looking.     5350-9107-62

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