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Daredevil #040 © May 1968 Marvel Comics

Daredevil #040 © May 1968 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © May 1968, DAREDEVIL #40.  The story is "The Fallen Hero!".  Throwing down with the Unholy Three, DD is zapped with the Exterminator's time displacement gun and zapped into limbo, possibly for eternity (or at least until next issue).

Characters:   Daredevil [Matt Murdock]; GUESTS: Foggy Nelson; Karen Page; Debbie Harris;  VILLAINS: Unholy Three [Cat Man [Townshend Horgan]; Ape Man [Monk Keefer]; Bird  Man [Henry Hawk]]

Works by: Script Stan Lee     Pencils Gene Colan     Inks John Tartaglione

This book appears (f 65), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.  Thanks for looking.     0260-9107-65

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