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Daredevil #169 © March 1980 Marvel Comics

Daredevil #169 © March 1980 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © March 1980, Daredevil #169.  Story "Devils".  Bullseye has a tumor in his brain that makes him see every day people as Daredevil, and he starts to kill them all.

With appearances by FEATURE: Daredevil; GUESTS: Elektra; Nick Manolis; Foggy Nelson; Heather Glenn; Becky Blake; Tom Snyder [Called Tom Snyde]; VILLAIN: Bullseye; CAMEOS: Humphry Bogart; Mary Astor (both on movie screen; Maltese Falcon); James Cagney (poster)

Works by Script: Frank Miller,  Pencils: Frank Miller   Inks: Klaus Janson

This book appears (vf 77), with the usual nics, tics, wear & tear. nice book  Thanks for looking.     0012-1207-77

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