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Journey into Mystery #115 © April 1965, Marvel Comics

Journey into Mystery #115 © April 1965, Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © April 1965, Journey into Mystery #115.  The story is "The Vengeance of the Thunder God".  Thor rescues Jane from Loki. Odin  appears and accuses Thor of bringing Jane to Asgard. Loki denies all involvement  and Thor calls him a liar. Odin orders -- the Trial of the Gods, but first Thor  is granted 48 hours in which to defeat the Absorbing Man. Aided by reporter  Harris Hobbs and a courageous police unit, Thor tricks Creel into absorbing some  helium gas. A gaseous, lighter-than-air Creel floats off into space. Thor  returns to New York to gaze upon a sleeping Jane before returning to Asgard to  face his trial.

Appearing:  Thor; Odin; Harris Hobbs; Loki; Absorbing Man [Crusher Creel]; Jane Foster; Ann;  John

With works by:    Script: Stan Lee    Pencils: Jack Kirby    Inks:  Frank Giacoia [as Frankie Ray]

This book appears to be (g 27), with the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.  Thanks for looking.     0591-1902-27

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