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Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #04 © September 1968, Marvel Comics

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #04 © September 1968, Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © September 1968, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4.  The story "SHIELD Origin Issue!".  HYDRA repeatedly tries to murder Nick Fury before he can be recruited to head SHIELD. The agent in charge of the operation, Agent L, is executed for his failure by Agent H. After reminiscing about his days in World War II, Fury meets Tony Stark, who introduces him to the SHIELD board of directors, then shows him a film detailing HYDRA's operations. After Fury uncovers a bomb in the room and dispatches it, along with the spy who planted it, he realizes the danger facing the free world and takes the job.

Characters:  Nick Fury L.M.D.; HYDRA; Agent R (armored suit); Nick Fury; Agent C; Agent L; Imperial Hydra ["The Master"] (unnamed); Agent H [Laura Brown] (unnamed); Tony Stark; Corporal Charles Atkins (Serial #35067731; HYDRA agent)

Works by Script: Jim Steranko    Pencils: Jim Steranko    Inks: Jim Steranko

This book appears (vg 43), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear. Not the best book, it's has a dust shadow and a missing corner.  Thanks for looking.     xxxx-xxxx-43

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