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SUPERMAN #134 © January 1960 DC Comics

SUPERMAN #134 © January 1960 DC Comics

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DC Comics © Jan 1960, SUPERMAN #134.  Featuring appearances by Superboy [Clark Kent]; Perry White; Jimmy Olsen; Lois Lane; Kull-Ex (disguised as Superman, Villain, Intro), Bottle City of Kandor; Fortress of Solitude; Zell-Ex (Flashback); Jor-El (Flashback); Superman Robots; Supergirl [Kara Zor-El], Alura (Flashback; Cameo); Krypto.   The story is The Super-Outlaw From Krypton.  Works by Curt Swan, Wayne Boring.  This book appears (G 28), w/ the usual nics, tics, and corner wear.  There is a 2x1/2" piece torn off the top of the cover, if it was attached, the book could be a (F).  A good candidate for rice paper tear seal.  Thanks for looking.     9870-1104-28

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