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Strange Tales #133 © June 1965 Marvel Comics

Strange Tales #133 © June 1965 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © June 1965, Strange Tales #133.

The story is "A Nameless Land! A Timeless Time!"  While Mordo gloats at his apparent triumph, Dormammu tells him that Strange still lives-- and has really escaped! Clea wishes she could warn Strange about Dormamu. Strange plummets thru dimension after dimension, finally coming to a stop in a world ruled by Shazana, a female tyrant who once conned a wizard into giving her some of his powers, which she repaid by destroying him. Believing her sister has recruited Strange to overthrow her, she battles Strange into submission. Allowing himself to be imprisoned so he can recover from his earlier battle with Mordo, Strange gets the lay of the land, then helps Shazana's sister overcome the evil ruler, destroying the source of her power even as he uses it to begin his journey back home.

Characters:  Dr. Strange; Baron Mordo; Dormammu; Clea (unnamed); Shazana; Shazana's sister (unnamed); The Ancient One; Hamir (unnamed)

Works by:  Script: Steve Ditko     Pencils: Steve Ditko     Inks: Steve Ditko


The story is " The Terrible Toys!"  Deciding to switch his M.O., The Puppet Master builds robotic "statues" he can control, and undergoes plastic surgery so no one will recognize him. The masquerade is short-lived, as he lures Johnny & Ben into a trap in a department store.

Characters:  Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Ice Queen (robot); Puppet Master; Thing [Ben Grimm]; Doris Evans; Alicia Masters

Works by:  Script: Stan Lee     Pencils: Bob Powell     Inks: Mike Esposito


This book appears (vg/f 54), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.  Thanks for looking.     0050-1601-54

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