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Strange Tales #134 © July 1965 Marvel Comics

Strange Tales #134 © July 1965 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © July 1965, Strange Tales #134.

The story is " The Challenge of...The Watcher"  Though he is not permitted to interfere, The Watcher tells Ben & Johnny of how Kang time-travelled to the days of King Arthur, imprisoned Merlin, and took over the country. In order for the timestream to remain intact, The Watcher sends the pair back in time to defeat Kang. After a hard battle, they send Kang packing, and The Watcher returns them to the present. Later, relaxing after a hard day's fighting, Reed & Sue accuse them of being "loafers."

Characters:  Watcher; Thing [Ben Grimm]; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Kang; Merlin; Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards] (cameo); Invisible Girl [Sue Storm] (cameo)

Works by:  Script: Stan Lee     Pencils: Jack Kirby    Inks: Wally Wood

This book appears (vg 40), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear, "coffee" stain through out the book in the lower left corner.  Thanks for looking.     0612-1606-25

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