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Teen Titans #01 © February 1966 DC Comics

Teen Titans #01 © February 1966 DC Comics

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DC Comics © February 1966, Teen Titans #1.  The story; "The Beast-God Of Xochatan!"; The Titans join the Peace Corps in South America and fight ancient animal deities.

With appearances by; Teen Titans [Robin [Dick Grayson]; Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]; Kid Flash [Wally West]; Aqualad [Garth]]; Justice League of America [JLA; Aquaman [Arthur Curry] (Cameo); Batman [Bruce Wayne] (Cameo); Flash [Barry Allen] (Cameo); Wonder Woman [Diana Prince] (Cameo)]; Queen Hippolyta (Cameo); Mera (Cameo); Aquababy [Arthur Curry, Jr.] (Cameo); Juan Valdez; El Conquistadore; Don Mantanzas

Works by Script:  Bob Haney     Pencils:  Nick Cardy     Inks:  Nick Cardy

This book appears (vg 43), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear & tear. Piece missing upper right corner, small tear in the back cover & last two pages   Thanks for looking.     0001-9108-43


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