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Giant-Size X-Men #1 © May 1975, Marvel Comics

Giant-Size X-Men #1 © May 1975, Marvel Comics

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Marvel  Comics © May 1975, Giant-Size  X-Men #1. The story is: "Second Genesis".  The old X-Men are captured by Krakoa, the Living Island, and Professor X forms a new team to rescue them. 

Characters:  X-Men [Nightcrawler  [Kurt Wagner]; Storm [Ororo Munroe]; Colossus [Peter  Rasputin]; Thunderbird [John Proudstar]; Wolverine; Banshee; Cyclops; Marvel  Girl [Jean Grey]; Angel [Warren Worthington III]; Iceman; Sunfire; Professor X;  Havok]; Lorna Dane; Beast; Illyana Rasputin; Krakoa

Works by Script: Chris Claremont (plot assist, uncredited); Len Wein (plot, script)    Pencils: Dave Cockrum    Inks:  Dave Cockrum

This book appears (vg/f 51), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear & tear. has a 2" spine split at the bottom. Thanks for looking.     772c-1903-51

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