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GAME of ROODLES © 1912

GAME of ROODLES © 1912

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CARD GAME of ROODLES COMPLETE - BOX - CARDS & INSTRUCTIONS.  Game of Roodles, manufactured by Flinch Card Co, Kalamazoo, Mich. Simple Instructive, Scientific, Entertaining.  Copyright 1912 by A.J. Patterson.  Game is complete with fifty-seven cards composed of four series, Wishbone, Horseshoe, Shamrock and Swastika, each series being numbered from 1 to 14 and the "Roodles" or trademark card. Cards are still in a nice white color with only 2 cards having been repaired, taped, both are horseshoe cards the 11 and 12, see picture. Please note that the swastika was and still is a symbol of good luck in many cultures and this game was copy written long before the Nazi Germany adopted the symbol.  All the corners on the box are still closed with no splits.  There is wear showing around the corners and there are a few discolor spots on the top of the box, see picture.  This is a hard to fine card game and to find it complete with all the cards, instruction sheet and Roodle card is a game to be treasured by a collector. Christmas is coming !  Please remember that is game is over 100 years old and not perfect by any means.  I have tried to describe it the best I can, please feel free to ask questions. Thank you for looking.

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