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AD&D GAME 2 Player Character Record Sheets

AD&D GAME 2 Player Character Record Sheets

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ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS PLAYER CHARACTER RECORDS are here! These character records have been especially designed for use with ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS games and contains space for all information commonly used by the player. This package contains multiple sheets of each of five different character records, one for each of the major character classes and their attendant subclasses: Fighter, Cleric, Magic-user and Thief, with a fifth type for multiclassed characters and Bards. What makes these records really special is their format. All listings are organized under specific and easy-to-identify sections, while the most vital and oft-consulted information is boxed with eye-catching, easy-to-find devices to facilitate play. No more searching for that important stat, as it is prominently displayed!

On the front of these records is identification information, followed by sections on abilities, combat and class specialties. On the back are places carefully structured for possessions, wealth and experience, as well as descriptions, friends and background. The sheets also leave plenty of space for personal touches too.

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