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Egg of the Phoenix (R3)

Egg of the Phoenix (R3)

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In the lonely town of Northending, the Council of Five has called the famous Paladin Athelstan to their aid. The fabulous artifact known as the Egg of the Phoenix has disappeared. It was stolen by evil beings and hidden far away - in the Negative Material Plane itself, guarded by a real Phoenix!

This is the third of the RPGA series of AD&D modules. Each RPGA module has been used at an official Gen Con tournament, and has been designed to provide maximum entertainment. The Egg of the Phoenix is usable in campaign or tournament play (using the unique RPGA Tournament System, included herein), and is designed for a balanced party of 5-8 characters of levels 5-9. The original 6 tournament characters are provided, along with detail and overview maps, scenario and character background information, and detailed encounter descriptions for the Dungeon Master.

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