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Blizzard Pass M1 © 1983 tsr 9067

Blizzard Pass M1 © 1983 tsr 9067

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TSR #9067 © 1983, Dungeons & Dragons, Blizzard Pass M1. for levels 1-3, from the invisible ink collection, sorry no pen.  In Blizzard Pass, a storm sweeps off the mountaintops without warning, as if conjured by some supernatural power. Within minutes, huge drifts of snow have halted the caravan, and the snow falls so hard it is impossible to see more than five feet. You huddle next to the sledge, trying to shelter your numb face from the icy winds. A dozen half-human forms march into view out of the raging blizzard. The little man-things carry wooden spears or long, unsheathed swords in bony, gnarled hands. Their blood-red eyes quickly fall upon your sledge and the ugly creatures turn toward your hiding place. Will you survive to uncover the secret of Blizzard Pass? This module contains all you need to solve the riddle of Blizzard Pass, including 14 maps, an invisible ink marking pen, a complete solo adventure, a pre-rolled character, and an outline for group play. The first two invisible boxes have been revealed, the rest are still secret.  The book appears in (f 61) condition.  Thanks for looking.    xxxx-naperville-61

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