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James Bond 007 Goldfinger RPG © 1983 Victory Games #35003

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Victory Games #35003 © 1983, James Bond 007 Goldfinger, Role Playing in her Majesty's Secret Service.  The adventure appears ready to play, looks complete.  The games looks in (f) condition and the box looks (vg).  The box originally came shrink wrapped, with no box top.  Thanks for looking.     0010-nape-60    60/50

BRIEFING: International industrial magnate Auric Goldfinger is suspected of smuggling gold out of England. But there is no solid evidence against him. Also, he has backed suspicious gold mining explorations around the world. Are Goldfinger's actions merely the work of a greedy man, or is he plotting some more sinister design against an unwilling world?

MISSION: The British Secret Service has called on you, one of its top secret agents, to follow Goldfinger and unravel the mystery behind the Man with the Golden Touch. But you must be careful. If you tip Goldfinger to your real purpose or force his hand too early, you may find yourself having to confront his murderous bodyguard, Odd Job.

The Goldfinger Adventure package contains:
• An illustrated 48-page Gamesmaster's Guide with complete instructions on running an adventure.
• An Agent's Briefing Dossier from M.1.6 with 8 Mission Information Sheets.
• A full-color wrap-around folder complete with a portfolio of the major non-player characters.

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