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The Silver Surfer #01 © August 1968, Marvel Comics

The Silver Surfer #01 © August 1968, Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © August 1968, The Silver Surfer #1.  The story is "The Origin of the Silver Surfer!".  The Surfer remembers his origins and why he is now trapped on Earth.

Characters: Silver Surfer [Norrin Radd] (origin in flashback); Col. John  Jameson; Shalla Bal (first appearance, flashback); Zenn-Lavians (flashback);  Galactus (flashback); Hulk [Bruce Banner] (flashback); Doctor Doom [Victor von  Doom] (flashback); Fantastic Four [Mister Fantastic [Reed Richards]; Invisible Girl [Susan Storm]; the Thing [Ben Grimm]] (flashback); abominable snowmen

With works  by:  Script: Stan Lee     Pencils: John Buscema     Inks: Joe Sinnott  

This book appears in (vg 42) with the expected nics, tics, wear and tear, stain on the  back cover about like the one on the front.  Thanks for looking.     drstv-1908-42

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