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ACTION COMICS #252 © May 1959 DC Comics

ACTION COMICS #252 © May 1959 DC Comics

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DC Comics © May 1959, ACTION COMICS #252.  1st appearance & origin of Supergirl & Metallo.

Story 1, The Supergirl from Krypton!  Superman spies a crashing rocket and discovers his cousin Supergirl. She tells him how Argo City survived the destruction of Krypton and how her father sent her to Earth when the inhabitants of Argo City were threatened by Kryptonite poisoning. Superman sets her up in Midvale Orphanage so she can adjust to life on Earth.

Starring; Superman [Kal-El]; Supergirl [Kara Zor-El] (introduction, origin); Zor-El (introduction, flashback); Miss Hart (introduction); Superboy (on a poster)

Story 2, The Menace of Metallo!  Criminal John Corben, who is nearly killed in an auto accident, is given a robot body powered by uranium. When he is hit by bullets meant for Lois, she assumes he is really Superman. Recognizing a good idea, Corben impersonates Superman to collect more uranium. Running out of sources of uranium, Corben learns that he can also be powered by kryptonite. But he doesn't realize that the kryptonite he steals is fake, prop kryptonite and collapses.

Starring; Superman; Lois Lane; Metallo [John Corben] (intro, villain); Professor Vale; Perry White; Jimmy Olsen (unnamed)

With works by:  Pencils: Curt Swan,  Al Plastino,  Howard Sherman     Inks: Al Plastino, Howard Sherman     Script: Robert Bernstein, Otto Binder

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