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Journey into Mystery #117 © June 1965 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © June 1965, Journey into Mystery #117.  The story is "Into the Blaze of Battle!".  Loki wins the Trial of the Gods through  deceit and trickery. He broke the rules by using enchanted Norn Stones, which he  now discards through a dimensional portal. Odin gives Thor 24 hours to prove  Loki's dishonesty. On Earth, Balder has been battling the Enchantress and the  Executioner who were tormenting Jane Foster. Thor arrives and the two villains  flee. Thor flies to Vietnam in search of the Norn Stones. There he becomes  involved in that country's war. He rescues a Vietnamese girl named Kim after her  the rest of her family is killed as a result of their opposing ideologies.

Appearing:  Thor; GS: Odin; Balder; Norn Queen [Karnilla]; Don Blake; V: Loki; Enchantress;  Executioner; Hu Sak (I)(D); Viet Cong; I: Cho and Cho's and Hu Sak's mother  (both D); Kim (Cho's and Hu Sak's sister); GA: Jane Foster

With works by:    Script: Stan Lee    Pencils: Jack  Kirby; Carl Hubbell     Inks: Vince Colletta; Carl Hubbell

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