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Journey into Mystery #125 © February 1966 Marvel Comics

Journey into Mystery #125 © February 1966 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics  © February 1966, Journey into Mystery #125.  The story is "When Meet the Immortals!". Thor fights the Demon to recover a Norn Stone.  Afterwards, Thor returns to Asgard, only to face the wrath of Odin who has  learned that Thor has revealed his secret identity to Jane Foster.

Appearing:  Thor; Hercules; Odin; Balder; Heimdall; Jane Foster; Demon; Willie; Charlie

With works by:    Script: Stan Lee    Pencils: Jack  Kirby    Inks: Vince Colletta

This book appears to be (vg 42), with the expected nics, tics, wear and tear. Thanks for looking.     5722-1902-42

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