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Tales to Astonish #093 © July 1967 Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish #093 © July 1967 Marvel Comics

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for Marvel Comics © July 1967, Tales to Astonish #93.  The story is "He Who Strikes the Silver Surfer!".  Having 'caught' the Silver Surfer (believing him to be an alien starship), Hulk starts a fight with perhaps the only being on Earth stronger than Hulk is. The Surfer, irritated, knocks him out, then probes Hulk to discover the reason for his belligerence and discovers the damage done by the gamma radiation. Just as the Surfer prepares to reverse the damage and return Dr. Banner's life, Hulk wakes up and, seeing the action as an attack, lashes out. Disgusted, the Surfer leaves while Hulk vows to find the Surfer again and force him to take Hulk to the stars.

"The Monarch and the Monster!"  As Namor battles It, torpedoes from the submarine cause an avalanche, trapping It. Namor turns on the submarine and begins to punch holes in it. It (the creature) returns and they battle, further damaging the submarine and (apparently) killing It. The submarine leaves (with the carcass of It) while Namor breaks off, feeling weakness overwhelm him. Namor makes it back to Atlantis where the advanced medicine saves his life from a massive dose of radiation. Improving, he vows to summon a council of War!

Characters: Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Silver Surfer [Norrin Radd]; Sub-Mariner [Namor]; GUEST: Lady Dorma; VILLAIN: It, Silent One

With works by:  Script: Stan Lee, Roy Thomas    Pencils: Marie Severin, Dan Adkins      Inks: Frank Giacoia, Dan Adkins  

This book appears in (f 61) with the expected nics, tics, wear and tear. Thanks for looking.     8470-9001-61

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