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Tales to Astonish #091 © May 1967, Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish #091 © May 1967, Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © May 1967, Tales to Astonish #91.  The story "Whosoever Harms the Hulk..!".  Ross and his men try to revive the Hulk after his beating by the Abomination. Returning from the brink of death, Hulk is about to leave when the pleading Rick Jones causes him to transform back to Banner. Banner uses his knowledge to lure Abomination back to Gamma Base with Betty in tow. Hulk and Abomination clash once again. Watching from a distant galaxy, the Stranger realizes that the Abomination is a much better choice than the Hulk and zaps him to his side, ending the battle.

Characters:  Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Thunderbolt Ross; Glenn Talbot; Betty Ross; Rick Jones; Abomination [Emil Blonsky] (villain); The Stranger (cameo)

Script: Stan Lee    Pencils: Gil Kane    Inks: Gil Kane

This book grades 4.0 CGC #4177632006.  Thanks for looking.     0742-xxxx-40/45cgc

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