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Tales to Astonish #089 © March 1967 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © March 1967, Tales to Astonish #89.


The story "...Then There Shall Come a Stranger!".  The Stranger arrives on Earth and programs the Hulk to be his agent to wipe out humanity.

Characters:  Hulk [Bruce Banner]; General Thunderbolt Ross; Major Glenn Talbot; Betty Ross; Rick Jones; The Stranger (villain)


The story "The Prince and the Power!".  Attuma has sent a giant alien robot to destroy Atlantis and it takes all of the power of Namor, his subjects and his underwater animal friends to hold the creature at bay. The battle abruptly ends when the aliens show up to retrieve their missing mechanical servant.

Characters:  Sub-Mariner [Namor]; Lord Vashti; Lady Dorma; Attuma (villain)


Script: Stan Lee    Pencils: Gil Kane, Bill Everett    Inks: Gil Kane, Bill Everett 

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