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Tales to Astonish #055 © May 1964 Marvel

Tales to Astonish #055 © May 1964 Marvel

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Marvel Comics © May 1964, Tales to Astonish #55.

The story is "On the Trail of the Human Top"  The Human Top breaks out of prison. Giant-Man and the Wasp have to get him back. The Top uses Giant-Man's capsules to become giant and captures the Wasp, but Giant-Man distracts him while the Wasp frees herself and termites make the Top fall through a roof, allowing his recapture.

Characters: Giant-Man [Henry Pym]; Wasp [Janet van Dyne]; Human Top [Dave Cannon]

Works by:  Script: Stan Lee     Pencils: Jack Kirby    Inks: Dick Ayers

This book appears (g 23), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear, scuffing on the cover, staples rusted, came from a damp enviroment.  Thanks for looking.     0050-1601-23

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